ResiDex & RTasks

ResiDex vs. RTasks - what is the difference?

ResiDex is a traditional Desktop application and RTasks is a web browser-based application.  Desktop ResiDex includes the setup and configuration options and administrative functionality that allow users to customize both desktop Residex and RTasks to meet their specific needs. RTasks  is geared toward entry and documentation of services as well as clinical functionality such as entry of assessments, incidents, and the like.  More and more of the desktop Residex functionality is being made available in RTasks.

RTask entry has been described by users as 'intuitive' and 'easy-to-use'.  RTasks is the only login your aides will need, while nurses & administrators may need access to desktop ResiDex applications as well.  

Login Differences:

  • Desktop ResiDex requires the download and use of a Remote Desktop application to login
  • RTasks only requires a compatible web browser
  • Desktop ResiDex requires a higher speed connection, while RTasks is a simple-to-use remote tool that works  even with lower bandwidth
  • RTasks access can be set so nurses/supervisors/administrators can access RTasks wherever they have wifi or a data plan.