ResiDex Security

ResiDex stamps every record you create or change with your user-name and records your other activities while you use ResiDex. This is done so it can be easily seen how a record was changed, when, and by whom.

Change Information is Recorded Throughout ResiDex

Information is recorded for every record entered or updated in ResiDex. This includes who entered the record, and when. Also, when a record is changed, the user name of the person who changed it along with when it was changed is recorded. On any screen, press F6 or press the Info button on the toolbar to see this change information.  

Audit Trail

Many of our tables create audit trails when information is changed.  It will store a history of the information in a related table.  For example, if you discontinue and restart medications or services you will be able to see every historic change by clicking on the "History" button beside the medication or service.  Also, if a payer contract rate changes you can RIGHT CLICK on the payer and select "Payer history" and see all of the changes to the current resident's payer information. Some of our audit trails are in report form such as MD Order History, Referral History, Supplemental Package History, etc.

Report Logs

Every time someone prints or views a report, it is recorded in the report log. The timestamp here is sometimes useful in understanding why certain information might be included (or not) on a report.

The "Report Log" is available as summary (count of times a report was run in a period) or detail (who specifically ran a given report and when)

Log in History

Where ResiDex authentication is used, the 'Failed Log-ins' report shows failed attempts to log in to ResiDex.

Role History

Role change history (who added users and granted them roles to access the database) is recorded in the database. The report "Staff Role History" gives all role changes over a specified period of time. 

The role history for a specific user can be found by clicking "Role History" on given staff members on the Staff Roles screen.

Campus Access

Users can be allowed to access all Campuses, some (but not all) Campuses, or only 1 Campus. 

Determine what Campuses a user can access

  • Go to the Staff Roles screen for that user. 
  • Users with the 'Supervisor' Role can access ALL campuses in the database.
  • For non 'Supervisor' users, click the 'Campus Access' button to view / edit what Campuses this user has access to.



View ALL users that have access to a specific

  • Go to the Staff tab in the Campus you wish to audit; in the top right of the page, you will see three buttons: "Active," "All including Inactive," and "All with Access"
  • Active: when this option is selected, the staff list below will be all current users from this Campus who are able to access it.
  • All Including Inactive: When selected, this will show all current users from this Campus as well as former users who no longer have access
  • All With Access: When selected, this will show all current users from ANY Campus who have the ability to access the data in your current Campus


Password Changes

A record is made every time a password is reset. The report 'Password Reset History" shows who reset the password, for whom, and when.