Restricted Access by Resident

Restricted Access by Resident feature allows users to give RTasks database access to consultants (Pharmacy staff, hospice providers, rounding health professionals, and surveyors) but limit their access both by campus and by resident.  

Adding a Restricted User

Enter this person or persons by navigating to the menu bar > Profiles > Staff option.  The individual's first and last names should be entered;  entering a generic placeholder (e.g. ABC Hospice Nurse) is strongly discouraged for security reasons.  The provider type 'Consultant' should be specified, and should be low in the provider type hierarchy.  If your database lacks a 'Consultant' or equivelant provider type, contact ResiDex support and we can assist by adding this.   

Once the staff profile has been created, navigate to that staff person's profile > Security to grant access.

  1.  Provider Type - allows users to view the Consultant Provider Type and verify what access to reports this user will have
  2.  Login & Access - allows the user to specify the campus or campuses the consultant needs access to
  3.  Resident Data Access - users select the Residents at each campus that the consultant may view.  Roles  MAY be granted but are not necessary.  If this user will want to add a particular resident note, grant Role 5.  
  4.  Staff Data Access - no roles should be granted.
  5.  Other Roles - no roles are needed.                                                               

Limited Access View

The limited access user, when logging in,  will view only information pertaining to the campuses and residents selected:

  • Login Report (if consultants are given report access)
  • The Resident lists or Profiles of the specified residents
  • Selected reports, for which they will be only able to view the data from selected residents.

The document Guide for Limited Access Users is a handy reference that can assist in the orientation of those limited access users to RTasks.