Review Policies

Policies and Procedures are guidelines that serve to define expected procedures and practices.  Once a policy is published, Staff can review the policy in RTasks, acknowledge it, and so agree to follow the guidelines.  

Policies can be linked to services and viewed as a link in that service.  There are also policy reports that can be enabled for staff to review when needed. 

Acknowledge a Policy:

  • Staff  log into RTasks and open the Today screen
  • Policies will be displayed based on their "published status" and the staff provider type


  • To view the policy click on the line item
  • The Policy will open - scroll to the bottom and click the "I have read, understand and will comply with this policy"
  • Click the "Acknowledge" button

View a Service Related Policy:

  • In RTasks - select a Provider
  • Click on a service
  • If the service has a policy you will see a link "Policies for this service" (note a service may have more than one related policy)

  • The policy will display on screen

View or Print Any Policy:

Policies are also available in RTasks Reports.

  • When logged into RTasks - Access the "Reports option"
  • Select the category - Policy Admin
  • Select the report "Policy Document"
  • From the option list - select the policy
  • Click "Create Report"
  • The policy will open in a new web browser tab

Related Reports

Policy-related reports can be veiwed by going to the Fax/Print button>Reports>and selecting the category 'Policy'.