Review Policies

Policies and Procedures serve to define expected procedures and practices.  ResiDex has the ability to incorporate your policies into RTasks, link them to services, if desired, and publish them (so staff can review and acknowledge.  

Policies for review can be entered and managed in RTasks.  

Acknowledge a Policy:

Once a policy has been added and published, staff are able to review and acknowedge these in RTasks.

  • Staff  log into RTasks and open the Today screen
  • Policies will be displayed based on their "published status" and the staff provider type


  • To view the policy, click on the line item
  • The Policy will open - scroll to the bottom and click the "I have read, understand and will comply with this policy"
  • Click the "Acknowledge" button

View a Service Related Policy:

Policies that have been linked to services are accessible as a blue 'link' in that service.  Click on the link to review the policy.

Policy Reports:

Policies are also available as RTasks Reports.

In RTasks, navigate to Fax/Print > Reports > category Policy Admin > Policy Document

Policy-related reports can be veiwed by going to the Fax/Print button>Reports>and selecting the category Policy.