Add New Staff

RTasks will allow you to manage staff information including entering a new staff member. If a user has ResiDex user role 15 - Staff set roles he/she will have the ability to add a new staff member directly to RTasks.

Add a new Staff member:

  • Log into RTasks and click the People option then click Staff

  • Click the + New Staff button

  • Fill in the information by typing in fields or selecting from drop down lists

  • When you press Save you will be directed to the staff profile screen

  1. Click the Change Photo button to add the staff picture
  2. Click Update profile to change any details that were just entered
  3. Click the Documents to view/attach documents such as applications or employee information
  4. View the Login History once the staff starts accessing RTasks
  5. Enter or view staff meeting attendance
  6. Enter staff notes such as attendance, compliments, general notes, etc.
  7. View reports related to staff information
  8. Manage access to RTasks and specific residents
  9. When finished click Back to return to the staff list

Grant Access

  • Grant the user access by going to their Staff Profile > Security section.
  • In the Login & Access section, select 'User can log into RTasks'
  • Specify the user's temporary password (they will have to change this when they log in). 
    If the user's email address is also their username, they will automatically be emailed with instructions on how to log in. If not, you will need to provide instructions to them.
  • That's it! If you wish you may now grant the user additional permissions.