Add New Staff

Management of staff information, including adding new staff, can be performed by RTasks users with Role 14, Staff Entry.  Users with Role 15 can also grant roles/permissions to that new staff person.

Add a new Staff member

From the Staff tab, select + New Staff

Fill out a Staff Profile Form. 

Required fields include:

  • First name
  • Last name 
  • Community
  • Provider type
  • Username
  • Hire Date

All other fields are optional and can be added immediately, later, or never.

When finished, press Save - you will be directed to a Staff Profile screen.


  • Click the Change Photo button to add the staff picture
  • Click Update profile to change any details that were just entered
  • Reset Password will create a new temporary password for that staff person
  • The Deactivate Staff button will make that staff person inactive AND remove their access to RTask
  • Populate Care Plans to Staff will push out electronic versions of Resident Care Plans to a staff person to review and acknowledge
  • Populate Policies to Staff will push out electronic versions of policies to review and acknowledge
  • Certifications allow users to track licensure and certifications for that staff member
  • Click the Documents to view/attach documents such as applications, signed job descriptions, etc....
  • Health allows tracking staff allergies, TB, and Hepatitis B status
  • Inservice Training can be entered and viewed here
  • View the Login History once the staff starts accessing RTasks
  • Enter or view staff meeting attendance
  • Enter staff notes such as attendance, compliments, general notes, etc.
  • View reports related to staff information
  • Security allows users to manage staff access to RTasks and set roles
  • Document instances of staff supervision here

Grant Access

  • Grant the user access by going to their Staff Profile > Security section.
  • In the Login & Access section, select 'User can log into RTasks'
  • The temporary password will auto-create for that staff person.
    If the user's email address is also their username, they will automatically be emailed with instructions on how to log in. 
  • That's it! If you wish you may now grant the user additional permissions.