Unscheduled Service

RTasks allows users to add unscheduled services.  An unscheduled service can be completed and documented immediately, or can be scheduled ahead for any provider, to appear on that provider's "to do" list.  Examples of a future unscheduled service might include:

  • the supervisor who wishes to schedule an additional temperature or blood glucose check for a resident who has been ill
  • additional safety check/s for a resident who has fallen
  • any other one-time 'extra' service that is required.

RTasks: Adding a Unscheduled Service

                 Log into RTasks and click + More and select Unscheduled Service 


  1. Change the date if different than the current date
  2. Change the time if applicable - you may put a future time if the service will not be marked complete upon entry
  3. Select the Provider who did or will be responsible to do the service
  4. Select the Resident
  5. Select the type of service
  6. Add a note as to why the Unscheduled Service was needed 


  1. If the service has already been completed leave the "Mark Service Completed" checked; or un-check the box if the service is to be done later
  2. Enter the actual number of minutes the service took OR the estimated number of minutes the service will take
  3. If you want to notify other staff that the Unscheduled Service was completed, you have the ability to send a Snap Message
  4. Select "Save" to complete your entry


This is an example of the unscheduled service scheduled to be done at a later time, with the "mark service competed" box unchecked.

This is how the unscheduled service will look on the RTasks "Today" screen of the assigned provider:


When you click on the service, the service instructions entered when creating the unscheduled service will be displayed