Resident & Staff Documents

Signed MD orders, Service Plans, lab results, or staff evaluations are examples of documents that users may wish to scan electronically into RTasks.  Once scanned, they can be linked to a resident or staff member.  This minimizes the amount of paper data that must be managed and stored, and makes document filing and retrieval simple. This article addresses how attaching documents to residents or staff can be handled in RTasks.

Initial setup of Attachments is done in desktop Residex;  this involves identifying the attachment types you will be uploading, and permissions to upload and view data based on staff provider type.   

You can now upload Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, PDF and other file types as well.

Users will need Role 1 in order to view and edit documents.

Viewing Documents Attached to a Resident File:

  • In RTasks, click on the 'People' tab and the 'Resident' button (or its equivalent in your database)
  • Click on the profile of the resident for whom you wish to attach a document
  • Select the 'Documents option' from the profile page

  1. Select a date range.  A one-year display is given by default
  2. Search for a document by date, file type, file name, or by the person who added the document
  3. View all documents that meet those parameters 

  • Clicking on the document will allow you the options to edit or view document

  • Selecting the Edit option simply allows you to edit the file details- type of document, file name, and/or the date.
  • Selecting the View Document button will open the document for review.

Attaching a New Document to a Resident File 

  • Navigate to the Resident Profile screen in RTasks and select the Documents option
  • Click on the New Document button

The screen opens, allowing the user to enter: 

  1. Document title
  2. Document type
  3. Date of the document
  4. Either click on 'upload' and select the document you wish to upload, OR simply drag and drop the document to the screen
  5. Click on "save".

The same functionality is available to attach documents such as employee applications, annual reviews, etc... to an employee file.  Simply access this from the Staff Profile screen.