RTasks Billing Process

Billing can be processed in RTasks and from start to finish is very fast and efficient.  This document will explain the steps from creating invoice lines, previewing the Trial Invoice Detail Report to posting.

Start Billing:

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click the Billing option
  • Click Populate invoices (month)
  • The charges will now be populated

Review Billing:

  • Once charges are populated click View Reports
  • Select a report such as Trial Invoice Detail report or Review for Possible Adjustments
  • Click Create Report
  • The report will open in a new screen, you can print the report or tab back and forth from RTasks Billing to the report

 Editing Charges:

  • Click the Billing option
  • Click Charges
  • Click on any charge and edit quantity or rates

Posting Charges:

  • Once all changes are made and billing is accurate click Billing -> Continue (month) Billing
  • Click the button that says Post invoices (month)

Printing Invoices:

  • Once the invoices are posted you can print invoices - Click View Reports
  • Select a report such as Invoices
  • Select One, Some (and select which residents) or All
  • Click Create Report