RTasks Billing Rates

RTasks allows the following users to have access to the Billing options under the People -> Resident tab

  • Staff with the provider type LPN or LPN
  • Staff with role 11 - Manager, 13 - Supervisor, or 4 - Billing

Access RTasks Billing:

  • Click the People option
  • Select a Resident 
  • Click the Billing option

By default, you will be on the Charges option:

1. Specify the Rate Schedule:

Once the Rate schedule is set up in Desktop ResiDex you will select the applicable rate scheduled for the resident using the drop down option.  The rate schedule is used for Fee for Service and items NOT marked as included in care package when the charge type for the service is "variable".

2. Specify Household (if applicable)

Household is used to print "consolidated" invoices.  This would allow charges for two residents to print on one invoice.  While the charges can print on one invoice, payments would need to be applied individually to each resident.

3. Specify the Resident Billing Option: 

A resident will be on Care Package or Fee for Service billing option.  More detailed information about these options can be found in our document on ResiDex Billing Options.

4. Add or Edit the Resident Rent Rate

The currently selected rent rate will be displayed.  To update the rent click the update rent option.  You will then have the option to select the rent type and start date and confirm your selection.

5. Add or Edit the Care Package

This option is only visible if the resident has the billing option "Care Package".  To add or edit the care package click the "update package" option, select the package and specify the start date.  

6. Add or Remove Supplemental Packages

  • Click the "Add package" option to select an additional supplemental package
  • To remove a supplemental package click on the package
    • Click on the option to remove the supplemental package
    • Follow the prompts to specify the effective date and save your changes

7. Indicate "Include in Contract" option

If the supplemental package charge is included in a waiver contract rate click this option to "include in contract".  If the supplemental package such as cable TV needs to be invoiced privately (not included in the contract) do not check this box.  NOTE: The include in contract option is ONLY applicable when an individual has contract amounts on the payers section.