RTasks Charting Fast Track

This article is intended for new RTasks users being pressed into service during times of emergency such as staffing crises.  


Logging in

Staff at your facility will enter your name into RTasks as a staff member and give you a username and temporary password.  (Note:  No additional roles are necessary).

Use a web Browser (Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are not recommended) and type rtasks.net into the address bar.  The RTasks login page will appear.  Enter your username and the temporary password to login. 


You will be prompted to create your own password and re-enter it for accuracy, then save.  You can then login using your username and new password.  

Initial Steps

Login Report - will likely be the first item that appears on your screen.  The sub-reports located within the Login Report can provide helpful information such as announcements, appointments, resident concerns, and missed charting.  At the bottom, you can either hit the 'Done' button OR reach up in the Menu Bar and click 'Today'-- either way, you will land on the Today screen, where the bulk of all charting is completed.

Today Screen Navigation

Your name will be visible in the upper right hand corner;  hovering will produce a dropdown menu:

  1. Home screen - displays the facility address and also allows you to navigate between this campus and a test campus.  It may allow navigation to other campuses if the organization has multiple sites. 
  2. Support - opens in another tab of your browser and displays the ResiDex support website, including phone number, email address, and categories of support articles such as this one . Clicking on the 'training' button allows you to sign up for additional training.  All training and support is free;  don't hesitate to call us for assistance
  3. Clock In - this only appears if the facility uses the RTasks timeclock
  4. Settings - the only item you may need here is the ability to change your own password, if needed.  if you FORGET your password, the facility supervisor can reset it. 
  5. Sign Out will allow you to sign out of RTasks when you are done charting.

       The options across the top of the page include:

       6. Search Field - allows the user to search by resident name, Unit #, key word or time to sort the services and chores in their To Do list.

       7. Date field - defaults to the current date.  Charting should be done in 'real time', as services and chores are completed.

       8. To Do - is a toggle button.  It will display all the services and chores assigned to the provider;  as you chart services as complete or declined,               services will move over to the "Done" list.  Toggle "To Do" to see the "Done" list.

       9. Provider - simply select the provider you are assigned to be to populate your To Do list.  You're ready to go to work!


The following types of services, chores, and reviews will appear in your Today screen to document.  Use that search field discussed above to sort your To Do list as you need to.

Care Plan Review - is the current care plan for the resident, updated by then nurse as part of the assessment process.  Simply tap the screen to open up this review of the resident's current Care Plan.  Scroll to the bottom and mark as reviewed and acknowledged. 


Chores contain a # sign, and are tasks that must be completed for facility operations.  Complete the chore and click the green 'Complete' button to the far right. 


Services are provided to specific residents.  To chart a service as complete, you may use the green "Complete" button out to the right, if the service was completed as assigned.

If, however, the service does NOT have a green complete button visible (as above), the service must be opened up to complete.  It may be due to a value or additional information that must be entered.  You may also choose to open up a service to complete if you want to add a note to that service.


  1. Title of the Service and time scheduled
  2. The top part of the service provides important information about the resident.  The 'Current Care Plan' and "Current Bio" are buttons that will show you the resident's current care plan and bio.
  3. The bottom of any service provides details of the service to be provided.  The blue 'Policy / Procedure' button is a link to a current policy or procedure;  the blue 'Service History' will show you a history of documentation of that service.
  4. Time taken - you can either enter the actual time spent, or use the time clock to 'count down' the minutes spent with the resident.
  5. If a value is required, such as vital sign or number of loads of laundry, enter that value here.
  6. Notes can be entered here, including observations or information.  Snippets are little bits of text that can be used.
  7. If the note you entered is something that should be shared with a nurse or supervisor, put a check mark here.  Immediately after completing the service as complete or declined, you'll be taken to a screen that will allow you to select the recipient/s and send a note.  
  8. Back - simply takes you back to the To Do list without charting
  9. Complete - the service was completed
  10. Decline - the service was declined or not performed.  When a service is declined, you MUST enter a reason, either as a note or using a snippet.
  11. +New Service will allow you to take a detour - a screen will open allowing you to document an unscheduled service completed for the resident.  Once entered, clicking 'Back' will take you right back into this original service.

Special Services  may include Behavior Services or Tracking Services.  These cannot be 'quick completed' and will require that you open them and enter additional information or answer additional questions.

Med Services

The top of the Med Services will appear as any regular service.  The bottom provides information about the meds to be administered at this time.

  1. Name and dosage information.  The blue "I" will take the user out of RTasks and to the National Institute of Health database to reference drug information.
  2. View Medication History will display the history of administration of that med
  3. This will vary by database 
    1. Setup Review- if present, should be already checked by the nurse who reviewed or 'setup' the med
    2. HHA Verify - allows you to indicate you have verified the correct resident, med, and prepared the med for administration
    3. Administered- the med was taken by the resident
    4. Declined - the med was not given, either because refused by the resident or held.  If a med was declined, a note must be entered
  4. Note- enter the reason a med was declined.
  5. Time - accept the default time or enter a new time
  6. Allows you to send the note (4) as a snap message, if you want
  7. Back returns you to the To Do List
  8. Complete
  9. +New Service allows the user to document an unscheduled service
  10. +PRN Med allows the user to document an unscheduled med

PRN Meds  The PRN Med screen appears below.  

The date, time, and resident will default in;  select the PRN med to be administered and information populates.  Note:  RTasks will alert you if you're giving a PRN med too soon (in relation to a previous dose).

In the example below, an extra step is required for controlled meds - simply enter the number of tabs administered and the number remaining.  RTasks will alert you if you enter a count that is inaccurate.

Enter the reason for the PRN in the note field. 

The last step involves selecting which provider should 'circle back' to the resident to determine whether the PRN was effective.  This will auto-create a service for that provider. 


+More Button           

This button is located in the upper right hand corner of the Today Screen.  Clicking this button will allow you to enter unscheduled chores, services, PRN Meds, and unscheduled vital signs. 



This Snap Message feature acts very much like an internal email system.  Users can create and send messages to colleagues, receive messages, and view sent messages here.  All messages are HIPAA secure.   You'll know you have a message if a red Message flag appears in the lower right hand corner of your RTasks screen.