Claim Services

Charting in RTasks allows for flexibility when scheduling services.  Some facilities use multiple providers,  in which each provider on a given day and shift has their own assignment:

  • Day HHA 1
  • Day HHA 2
  • Day HHA 3
  • Eve HHA 1
  • Eve HHA 2
  • Overnight

Alternatively, some facilities schedule to a single provider per shift and allow the caregivers to coordinate between themselves who will do each resident's service(s). For example:

  • Day HHA
  • Eve HHA
  • Overnight HHA

For providers using this latter method, ResiDex offer a means by which providers at the beginning of a shift can "claim" services by resident that they will be responsible for.  By claiming resident services, it will bring all those claimed services to the top of that employee's To Do list, and it will also flag the items so the other caregivers can see the plan. 

To Activate This Feature:

  • From Desktop ResiDex go to Setup and open the Campus Configuration Screen
  • Select the Category "RTasks"
  • Find the evaluation option "Allow Tasks to be Claimed" and set the value to "Yes"

Claim Items in RTasks:

  • Log into RTasks and select a Provider
  • Click the "Claim" option next to the "Change Sort Order" button 

  • A window will appear to select residents. Click the box by the residents you wish to claim responsibility for

  • When finished, click "Close"
  • The Today screen now shows a new sort order with the residents' services you claimed appearing at the top of the To Do list, and
  • Each service is flagged with the name of the person who claimed that resident's services.  
  • Staff can still select services claimed by others and perform/document the services, and so work collaboratively.