Delete Saved Passwords is a website application, which means it is accessed through a Web Browser.  The web browser you use (Google, Firefox, etc...)  may offer to "Save your password?" as the user is logging in.  If you press "Yes", any user can log into RTasks under your credentials. It is very important that you do not  save your RTasks password on a device that other people are using.

If you save your credentials, this document outlines how to delete saved passwords (from all websites) Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox browsers.

Google Chrome

Open a browser and press the lines on the top, right of the browser window

Click on the History option
  A pop up window will appear, make sure there is a check in the "Passwords" box - Press "Clear browsing data"  


Internet Explorer

  • Click on the "Gear" in the upper right corner
  • Select Internet Options from the list
  • Make sure there is NOT a check box in the "Delete browsing history on exit" - If this is checked - "Disconnected Charting" will NOT work correctly
  • Click the Delete button
  • Make sure there is a check box in "Passwords" and press delete



Click on the "three lines" on the top right of the screen and select Options

Click on the Security tab 

  • You can unmark "Remember passwords for sites"
  • Click Saved Passwords to review or remove passwords


  1. Press OK to save changes

If you selected option (2) above you can:

  1. Select one of the sites and press "Remove" - the password for that ONE SITE will be removed
  2. Click the "Remove All" box to remove all passwords for all sites