Discharge a Resident

If a resident is moving out, is deceased, or has transferred to another campus, Residex users will want to "Discharge" that resident in their database. ALL of the resident's services will be ended and will no longer generate entries on the Today screen in RTasks or  Daily Assignment worksheets.  Resident data is readily available to review or retrieve after discharge.

Discharge a Resident in RTasks

In RTasks, select the People and Residents option to display the Resident Profiles.  Select the Resident Profile of the resident you wish to discharge.  Click discharge .

The screen will display a prompt suggesting contacts and providers that might require notification, as well at the ability to select the data and time of discharge and reason.  

Click Confirm to complete the action. 

Viewing or Retrieving Discharged Resident Data

Discharged Residents can be viewed and data retrieved by going to the RTasks People button, selecting Residents and changing the Current Resident View to Former Residents or to All.  Once discharged, a resident can be reactivated by changing them from discharged to active.