E-Charting Overview

Electronic charting of scheduled Services, Chores and Tasks is easy in RTasks!

The Today Screen

RTasks essentially provides each user with a display of items that have been assigned to them individually or as a provider that day. This may include Tasks, Services, Chores, and Activities.

Your Personal Tasks

Tasks are typically one-time jobs assigned to an individual by themself or by others.  By entering the date, time, and specific details for each task, users can log into RTasks, view the task and document its completion.  Examples of tasks might include a facility tour to a prospective resident, a maintenance chore, or perhaps a required audit or fire drill. Once the user logs into RTasks, they will immediately see any open Tasks that are assigned to them. 

Users may also see Resident Bio/Histories or Care Plans to review.  This feature allows nurses/supervisors to send electronic copies of the Plan of Care or Bio/History out to all staff to review.  This satisfies requirements in many states that staff review and have ready access to the Plan of Care.

Services and Chores

Once users select the "Provider" they are assigned for the day, not only will they see their Tasks, but the Services, Chores, and Activities assigned to the provider will populate. A Service is a job that is associated with a particular Resident, is generally recurring, and is assigned to a specific Provider, generally at a specific time of day. A Chore is a recurring job assigned to a specific Provider, but not associated with any resident. Examples of chores might include facility cleaning, dining chores, building safety checks, etc....

Any "New" items (added within the last 7 days) will be flagged as "new". 


If you want to have a condensed view on the R-Task screen, you can filter down what is displayed on the RTasks screen with the "Search" field. Enter any resident name or word and see all items that contain that text.

E-Chart on Rtasks

E-Charting an item in Rtasks is extremely easy.  Those items that have the green 'complete' button or green arrow to the right allow users to quick complete by simply clicking the complete button (or swiping the arrow to the right).  

For those services that require a value (such as vital signs, #laundry loads) or additional information (behavior monitoring, medication administrations), users simply tap or click on the service to open the service details screen, enter required data and mark complete OR declined (with a reason), OR (optionally) supervisors may set certain services to be 'reassigned' to a later shift. That's it!