Resident Profile

Resident Profiles in RTasks are accessed by selecting People, and then Residents. All staff may view information here;  users with provider type RN or LPN and users with role 11 - (Manager) or 13 - (Supervisor) are able to:

  • Admit a new resident
  • Update or edit current resident information (demographics, allergies etc...)
  • Change a client status (active, hold, or discharged)
  • There is a configuration option that allows other staff to change a resident status (place on hold or make active).  Contact ResiDex Support for assistance in changing this if needed.

Access the RTasks Resident Profile

Log into RTasks and select the People button and Residents located on the banner of the RTasks screen.  All current resident profiles are visible;  those residents on 'hold' are flagged and grayed.  Options across the top of the screen allow the user to 

  • Search by resident name (1) or the Admission number
  • View Current, Former (discharged) or All Residents (2)
  • View by community (e.g. memory care) (3)
  • Select +New Resident to enter a new Resident Profile (4)

Enter a New Resident

Select the +New Resident button to open entry fields

  • Enter information as indicated in the entry fields.  Those fields with a downward arrow provide drop down options;  other fields allow free entry of data
  • The Ongoing Orders field is optional, but allows users to enter information that is pertinent to the resident  and which the user wants all staff to be aware of.  This field pulls into the info included in any resident service.  Examples might include general information such as "1-assist transfer with gait belt" or "elopement precautions".
  • Select Save at the bottom to complete the new resident entry or Cancel to undo entries.

Edit Resident Profile Information:

  • Click on the Resident Profile to be edited; the following actions can be taken

  1. Click Update Profile to open entry fields and edit demographics, allergies, etc...
  2. Transfer allows the user to transfer the resident to a different room and/or community within the campus
  3. Put on Hold allows the user to edit the status of a resident who may be hospitalized or on a leave of absence;  the button then changes to Make Active, allowing the user to bring back to active status
  4. Discharge allows the user to enter the resident discharge date and reason
  5. Care Status History allows users to see a history of changes in status for that resident

Edit Demographic Information:

Once the Update Profile button has been selected, the entry fields appear and are available for editing

  • Edit any of the fields by typing/over-typing the information or select from the option lists
  • * Moving a resident to a different unit is only available to campuses with one community
  • When finished press Save or Cancel to undo changes made

Edit the Resident Status

Click the Put on Hold button to enter details of the resident hold status (reason, date and time) and view contacts who might need to be notified.

Click Confirm to confirm the change in status, or Cancel to undo changes.  The Put on Hold Button will change to a Make Active button, allowing the user to return the resident to active status.

 Discharge the Resident

Selecting the Discharge button allows the user to change the resident from active or hold status to discharged.

Enter the date, time, and select the reason for discharge;  view contacts you may wish to notify.

Select Confirm to confirm the discharge and Cancel to undo changes.