E-MAR Med Setup & Verification

The documentation of medications in EMars can be customized to meet your needs.  One configuration option can turn the charting into a multi-step process.  The configuration option outlined in this document will explain documenting medications using the following process:

  • Clinical/Nursing Staff Pour/Setup Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Verify Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Document Medications as Administered/Declined
  • Verify Medications (Done by staff before administering)

Turn on Nurse Setup + Two Step HHA Administration

  • From Desktop ResiDex - go to the Campus Configuration Screen
  • Select the category "RTasks - Meds" and find the configuration option: "Recap Meds - Verify - Show a 2nd med verify step".  This will create a check box on the med entry screen that (when checked by the nurse) will create a 2nd verification step.
  • Change the value to "Yes"
  • (Optionally) Automatically tag new meds with a second step verify by setting the value of: "Recap Meds - Setup- Default 2nd med verify step" - to "Yes".  This configuration option will make the 2nd verification step checked by default for ALL new meds entered (both scheduled and PRNs).

Specify RTasks "Labels"

Note: to see and make changes to this screen, you need role 13 - Supervisor

  • In Desktop ResiDex - Start at the Setup tab
  • In the search field type "Verbiage" and select the option on the right Special Campus Verbiage
  • Edit the Pour and Verify option as needed.  They will be reflected as illustrated below

Specify Which Medication(s) are HHA Verified:

If you turned on the optional configuration item: "Recap Meds - Setup- Default 2nd med verify step", any new medication entered will have the following box checked by default.  If you would like ALL CURRENT MEDICATIONS checked to have the EMar verification turned on, contact us and we can do a mass update for you.

If you prefer to select which medications have the HHA Verify box displayed, follow these steps:

  • Log into RTasks and navigate to the Resident's medication screen
  • Click on one of the medications, select Edit and the EMAR Verify at Administration button

RTask Med Assist Display:

Below is what the caregiver documenting the medication will see if the HHA Verify check box is checked or not checked.