Enter Adjustments

Adjustments are done when:

  • The facility is using the Accounts Receivable module of ResiDex/RTasks
  • Statements were generated and distributed for the resident
  • Credits or debits need to be made on a previous month's charges

A user with Staff Roles 22 or 23 has the ability to enter adjustments into RTasks.

To Enter an Adjustment:

  • Start at the People > Resident option
  • Click on a Resident
  • Select: Charges
  • Arrow back to the month that needs to be adjusted (Note: you will see at the top of the screen the total invoiced, amount paid, and amount due)
  • Select a charge line and click: Adjust Charge
  • Select the Adjustment Type, Adjustment Reason, change the adjustment date if needed, optionally enter a note
  • Toggle the increase charge or reduce charge as applicable and press: Save

 View Account Overview

The Account Overview is one report that will reflect a resident's adjustments.  You can access this from the resident's profile under reports or the Reports option in RTasks.  Under reports, search for "Account" and click on the Account Overview report.  Below is a sample of the report for the above resident's Private Pay account.