E-Faxing: Sending Faxes

Becoming paperless is more of a reality with technology today.  We have taken our program to another level and added a faxing (incoming and outgoing) capability.

To Send a Fax:

  • Log into RTasks and click the "Fax/Print" button
  • Select "Fax"

  • From the Fax screen - click "Send A Fax"

  • Next you will fill in the details on the fax screen

  1. Clik the "Upload File" button or drag and drop it to the field
  2. Select a fax number the fax will be sent from (A facility can sign up for as many fax numbers as needed)
  3. Search for the "Resource" fax number or enter the fax to number and name
  4. Select the "Fax Cover Letter" if needed
  5. Optionally enter a fax description that will help find the fax later
  6. Optionally choose a resident or staff member that the fax relates to
  7. Click "Send" to send the fax