RTasks - Helpful Tips

Have you ever been charting and wondered where something has gone?  When charting "live" online, data can quickly and easily be charted by any staff.  

If you saw a service but can no longer find it, here are some helpful suggestions to "track it down".

Clear the Search Field:

If you accidentally typed a character in the search field, the displayed items will be limited to those matching what you searched for.  Clearing the search field will ensure all assigned services/chores/tasks are appearing.

Ensure the Correct Date is Selected:

Confusion can occur especially during "overnight" shifts.  If you are looking for a service, ensure the date is correct. For the overnight shift, make sure you select the date your shift STARTS.  Night shift staff, then, do not change dates mid-shift.  

Verify the Correct Provider is Selected:

It is helpful to re-select the provider to make sure all services are displaying.  Staff may change providers to perform a service or chore listed for another.  Make sure you have the correct provider selected!

Check Both To Do and Done List for a Service:

Click on the "To Do" button to view "Done" items.  Another staff may have already charted the service and marked it complete/declined.

Refresh RTasks:

Refreshing RTasks will ensure you are still connected to live updates.  The page and all content will be refreshed with the server.  Below is an example of the "refresh" option in the Google Chrome browser.