Importing a Resident

If your database has multiple campuses or settings, you may wish to move a resident from one campus to another.  This process is called 'Importing a Resident'.  

This action creates a copy of a resident in the new campus and includes much of the resident's data such as services, meds, notes, and contacts. The resident being imported is not removed from the original campus;  this allows users at the original campus to document a resident discharge and preserve all resident data from that campus as history.

Note: To import a resident in RTasks, the user will need to be either a Provider type Nurse and/or have Manager (11) or  Supervisor (13) roles.

Importing a Resident

From the campus into which the resident is to be imported, navigate to People > Resident >+New Resident

Entry fields open and will allow users the option of either adding or importing a new resident.  Select Import Resident


  • Begin typing the resident name and select the appropriate resident name from those that appear
  • The current date will default, but you may select a future date for the actual Intake Date.  
  • Enter the appropriate apartment or unit number of the new campus and click Save.
  • That person now appears as a resident in the new campus.  

Resident Records Transfer

The following records will be copied over to the new facility (and so accompany the resident):

  • Resident Contacts
  • Diagnoses
  • Resident Picture
  • Assessments
  • Resident Notes
  • Medications and Medication Times- though all meds will be unassigned
  • Services and Service Times- though all services will be unassigned
  • Resources (MD's and Organizations) will import ONLY if the two campuses reside within the same region

The following records are not imported:

  • Resident Payers
  • Insurance
  • Care Status History (past admission and dates the resident was placed on hold)
  • Unit Activity History (history of previous apartment/unit numbers).
  • Attachments/Documents

Next Steps-

Once the Resident has been entered, users will need to

  • Navigate to the new Resident's Medications and Service Plan to assign to providers at the new campus.
  • Enter new billing information for the resident
  • Complete any additional requirements (assessments, resident note etc...) required at your facility

Discharging from the former campus

Staff at the initial campus will be able to make any additional entries to the resident record they need, prior to discharging the resident from their campus.  The resident's full data history is maintained as the resident is discharged.