Staff Incident Acknowledgement

Incidents (such as a medication error) can be configured to prompt a specific member to acknowledge the incident. After the clinical review of the incident is complete, an indicated staff member will then get a notification of the incident when they log into RTasks.

Staff Incident Alert:

  • After the incident clinical review is complete, a staff member will log into RTasks and get a notification
  • The notification will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen

Acknowledge the Incident:

  • After receiving the alert, the staff member can click to view details of the incident
  • They may optionally enter a note (if they feel there is additional information they need to share)
  • Clicking "acknowledge" completes the action

Reject an Incident:

  • After clicking on the alert, enter a note and click "Reject"

Impact of Acknowledge and Reject:

The acknowledge or reject information is displayed when you "view reported incidents".  Clicking on an incident will show all the details including whether the incident was acknowledged, rejected or neither.

Close the Screen:

If the staff wants to close the screen without acknowledging or rejecting the incident, they can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Back" button.

NOTE: The incident will continue to alert that it is open to acknowledge until it is acknowledged or rejected.


If the staff does not want to be continually notified of the alert in the bottom right of the screen, they can click the "snooze" option.  The snooze will suppress the alerts for 5 minutes or until the user refreshes the browser or logs out and back in.

Reviewing Linked Incidents

Supervisors may review incidents linked to an employee by going to Fax/Print>Reports>Incidents Category>Staff Related Incidents