Staff Incident Acknowledgement

Incidents (such as a medication error) can be configured to prompt a specific member to acknowledge the incident. After the clinical review of the incident is complete, the identified staff member will be notifiedof the incident when they log into RTasks.

Incident Setup

ResiDex staff can assist in incident creation.  A question can be added that asks which staff member was responsible for the error.  The response "staffperson" will allow the user reporting the incident to select the name of the staff person to whom the incident should be linked.

Staff Incident Alert:

 Once the Clinical Review of that incident is marked complete, the named staff member will log into RTasks and get a notification in the lower right-hand corner of the RTasks screen.

Acknowledge the Incident:

After receiving the alert, the staff member can click on the flagged alert to view details of the incident.  They may optionally enter a note if they feel there is additional information they need to share.  Clicking "acknowledge" completes the action.

Acknowledgement Displayed

The acknowledgement is displayed when you "view reported incidents".  Clicking on an incident will show all the details including whether the acknowledgement.

Reviewing Linked Incidents

Supervisors may review incidents linked to an employee by going to Fax/Print>Reports>Incidents Category>Staff Related Incidents