Incident Clinical Review

Requiring a Clinical Review of an incident is an optional feature in ResiDex, but allows for complete documentation of incidents.

If your organization allows direct care staff to document Incidents in ResiDex, it is useful to have a Nurse or Supervisor review the Incidents.  The Clinical Review not only allows a nurse to verify the accuracy of the documentation, but also add additional information, identify action steps needed to prevent further occurrences, and specify if additional training for staff is needed.

Record an "Incident Review"

  • Log into RTasks
  • Select "Clinical" and click on the option "Incidents"

  • Select "View reported incidents"

  • A list of incidents will appear - click on the "Incident Review" option on one of the incidents

  • The incident details as entered by the staff will display for review;  scroll down to review and edit the items and then click the "Review Incidents" button at the bottom.
  • The review questions will display; answer these additional questions.
  • When done, click "Complete Review"
  • The "Save Changes" button allows you to save a partially-entered review and return later to complete.

Deleting an Incident

Users with Supervisory Role (13) have the ability to cancel or delete an incident, either after the initial entry, OR after a review has been completed.  The red 'Cancel Incident' button at the bottom of the completed incident entry fields will remove the incident.