MD Orders

MD Orders is a tool in RTasks that allows the nurse or supervisor to create a comprehensive document (detailing a given resident's meds, diagnoses, services, code status, allergies, etc...) that can be provided to the physician or prescriber to review and sign or 'certify' the orders for that resident for a specified period of time.  This may be required annually in some states, but might also be considered a 'best practice' after a resident is hospitalized, to communicate with the physician and ensure both facility and physician are in agreement on current resident status and plan of care.

This document will outline creating and printing an MD Order from within RTasks.

Create an MD Order:

  • From RTasks, click the People option and select Residents (may display your custom name such as Clients)
  • Click on a Resident name
  • Click the MD Orders option

  • A new window will open and display previous MD orders (If applicable) and provide an option to create a New MD Order

  • If you click New MD Orders option, you will be directed to the screen to fill in the following information

  1. Select the physician from the option list 
  2. Enter/edit the Certification Start date
  3. Enter/edit the Certification End date
  4. Enter a Summary Report (custom text) 
  5. Use the snippet option to fill in the summary report if applicable
  6. Press Save 

The next screen will allow you to:

  1. Edit the MD Order
  2. Go Back to the previous screen
  3. Print the MD order report
  4. Delete the current MD Order