Medication Disposal

RTasks enables users to mark a medication as "disposed".  This allows nurses to maintain accurate medication counts, track the disposal of meds that have been refused, and document the destruction of discontinued or expired medications. Disposing of medication in RTasks will not only require the primary user marking the medication as disposed, but also a witness. The witness will be required to enter their RTasks password before the medication will be disposed.

Users with Role 3 are able to document a med as disposed.

RTasks: Mark a Medication Disposed:

  • Log into RTasks and use the Clinical option list to select Dispose Medications

  • The medication disposition screen will appear.  Active Residents are displayed, followed by the names of residents discharged within the last 12 months.   Select the resident and optionally check "Show meds discontinued in the last year"

  • The resident's medications will appear - select each medication you want to dispose

  1. Enter the quantity disposed for each medication
  2. Select the disposition reason
  3. Select the disposal method.  Note:  If you need a disposal method added or edited, contact Residex Support;  we'd be happy to assist you.

  1. You may select a staff name from the option list to serve as witness;  this step is required if one or more of the meds to be destroyed are controlled.  It is optional if there are no controlled medications.
  2. The staff witnessing will then type in their RTASKS Password
  3. Press Save to complete the med disposition

Contact ResiDex support staff if you wish to modify the disposal methods options.