Medication Entry

RTasks offers RTasks-users with Role 3 an easy way to manage resident medications - entry, editing and scheduling.  

Add a New Med in RTasks:

Navigate to the People > Residents dropdown and select the resident for whom the med should be added or edited.  Select the Medications option from their profile

The Current Medications by default will be displayed;  select the Add a New Medication option.

Select or enter  information in each field:


  1. Select whether you are adding a single medication or a set (explained below)
  2. Start typing the med name - med suggestions will appear. Click on the med name when it appears, or continue typing to add a new medication to the list
  3. Enter the strength to be given
  4. Select the route from the option list
  5. Toggle between Scheduled or PRN (Selecting PRN will display different options on the med entry screen)
  6. Enter Indications or click the "Diagnoses" option to select an item related to this medication
  7. Enter the date this medication will be first administered (the current date will default)
  8. Enter the start time (rtasks will by default enter the current time rounded to the next hour).  The med will be given at the next administration time AFTER this start time
  9. Enter the stop date (Optional)
  10. Enter the stop time (Optional) if no time is filled it the medication will be ended at 11:59 PM on the end date
  11. Select the days the medication will be given
  12. Click "Show current schedule" to view current medication times for this resident (Optional)
  13. Select either a specific time or a 'simplified' time.  
  14. Enter the medication time(s) to administer the medication - Click "add new time" if it is more than 1 X /day
  15. Assign the provider who will administer the medication.  It may default in a provider who is already scheduled to administer a med to that resident at that time
  16. Select who will setup the medication
  17. Select the provider who will administer the medication If it is a "self" administered medication you can select 'Not Assigned'.
  18. Select a Note Required (Optional) if you wish to require staff to enter a note when administering the med.  Contact the ResiDex Support team for assistance in setting these up. This article describes how custom dropdown menus can be made available to staff.
  19. Select this option if the Staff administering the medication needs to verify the medication before administering (this may be checked by default)
  20. This box is already checked if the medication is a "Standing Order" medication (Note: If unchecked, it will update every resident on that medication, removing it as a standing order)
  21. If the medication is controlled check this box (Note: it will update every resident on that medication as having a "controlled" medication)
  22. If the medication is considered a psychotropic medication, it will be checked (Checking this box for a med will update all instances of that medication in the database as being a psychotropic).
  23. If this medication does not need to be seen on electronic med charting - click "Hide on E-Mar".  It will only hide for this resident's medication
  24. Check this box if the medication can be crushed for this resident
  25. Enter any medication instructions for administration (Example: give with food, crush in applesauce, etc.)
  26. Select the Pharmacy who fills the medication (Displays the resident Pharmacy)
  27. Enter the Rx number for the medication (optional)
  28. Enter the Physician who ordered the medication (Displays the resident's health providers)
  29. Press Save to save the information entered or Back to close without saving

Enter a Med Set

A time-saving feature allows users to create a standard group of meds (such as a set of PRN Standing Orders) and add those meds as a group.   Contact ResiDex Support staff to assist in setting up the details of the medication list.  Once setup, users can 

  1. Select Med Set
  2. Select they specific med set they wish to use
  3. Select start date 
  4. Select a start time

Enter an As Needed Medication:

  • Follow the instructions above
  • The key difference is when scheduling the med you specify "Every X hours" or "X times per day"

Editing Med Days, Time and Other Information:

  • Open the RTasks Medication Option for a Resident
  • You will be on the "Current Medication" tab - click on any medication

  1. Select Back to close the screen and make no changes
  2. Select Edit to edit details such as Strength, Route, Indications, Setup, Administered Info, Notes, Instructions, etc.
  3. Select Reschedule to edit the Med times, Providers or Days
  4. Select Discontinue to discontinue the med now or in the future and enter a reason

For more information on rescheduling medications see our document on Medication Management