Nurse Med Setup/Review

RTasks EMARS will not only allow users to document the administration or declination of scheduled medications and unscheduled medications, but will first allow the nurse or manager to document that medications have been setup or reviewed/verified prior to the administration. With the ResiDex configuration option "Recap Med Setup" (i.e.Verify or Pour)" turned on, you will be able to mark each medication as being set up or reviewed/verified prior to administration by staff.

ResiDex staff can customize the term you would like to use, based upon your own medication policy and practices -  Med Setup, Med Review, or any variation on that.

Mark Medications as Set-Up:

  • Log into RTasks and click "Clinical" and then select the item now marked with the term you specified in the actions above.

  • Select the date range of medications you wish to setup/review and then select a resident name from the option list
  • The information will display a list of that resident's medications.  

  • Select each medication to be setup/reviewed; click each date OR click "All" to select all the dates available for the date range.
  • Each item will be tagged, indicating by whom and when the medication was setup/reviewed.

  • Continue the process for the other medications you wish to setup/review
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the Back button to return to the Home screen.
  • When staff prepare to document medications from the Today screen, they will be able to see who setup/reviewed the meds and when it was performed.