Medication Charting History

RTask's EMAR allows users to easily view details about the administration of each medication.  'Medication Charting History' allows nurses, managers (Role 11), and supervisors (Role 13) to review the medication 'recap' for a given resident to:

  • view the dates and times of med administration including the staff who administered
  • view medications that have been refused, declined, or 'missed'
  • add a comment to any med recap, adding additional information as needed

From RTasks, click on the 'Clinical Button' and select 'Medication Charting History'

Select both the time frame for which you'd like to view medication recap and the resident name

The Resident's scheduled and PRN meds will appear.  

Medications can be sorted alphabetically by name or by time.

Click on each medication in turn to view the administration history of the medication, including date, time, and by whom it was administered


The nurse/manager/supervisor may opt to add a note explaining circumstances of a late or missing med.

Entry of a note here will remove that med from the alert to late medications.