Medications on Hold

Medications in RTasks can be placed on a temporary 'hold' status as ordered by the prescriber.  Putting the med on hold will:

  • Flag the medication as 'on hold' in the RTasks current medication screen
  • Remove that med from being administered (though it will be viewed by staff as being 'on hold')
  • Automatically restart the medication as scheduled (If the RESCHEDULE option is used)
  • RTask Login Report option (Meds on Hold) will display those medications placed on an indefinite hold.

Put a Medication on an Indefinite Hold (Unknown restart):

  • Navigate from the RTasks Today screen to 'People' and 'Residents'
  • Select the resident for whom you'd like to put the medication on hold
  • Click on 'Medications' for that resident and select the medication to be placed on hold
  • From this screen, you can view all the details of its current schedule.

  •  Select the 'Hold' option at the bottom of that screen
  • A message will appear notifying the user that the medication will be put on hold immediately
  • Press Confirm or Cancel 

  • Medications on hold will display an indicator on the current medication list for the resident

When a Medication is on hold

When a med is on hold, it will still display in the E-MAR, but it will not be chartable; it will instead provide the medication passer information that the medication is on hold.

Scheduled medication example:

As Needed medication example:

Removing the Medication Hold Status:

  • From the medication list for the resident - click on the medication
  • Click the Remove Hold option (1) or Discontinue (2)
  • A message will appear that this will take place immediately
  • Press Confirm or Cancel 

To Put a Medication on a Scheduled Hold (Known stop and restart)

If a medication is placed on hold for a known time period, you can use the "Reschedule" button for the medication to specify when it stops and when (and at what dose) it restarts.  This document gives detailed information about Rescheduling Medications.