Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are a necessity- for routine operations, quality management activities, or perhaps long-range planning.  Whatever the reason, these meetings can be planned, scheduled, documented, and communicated in RTasks!

RTasks Meeting Management can be accessed in two ways:  from the Today Screen / +More option, OR under any staff person's staff profile screen.

Meeting Management from the Today Screen

  • From the 'Today' screen, click on '+More' in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select the option 'Record Staff Meeting'
  • Enter date and time for the meeting (1 and 2)
  • Enter a meeting location (3) 
  • Enter an estimated meeting length (4)
  • Meeting description can include the meeting type or purpose (5)
  • Meeting Notes (6) can be an agenda when created before a meeting OR can be edited after the meeting to add the meeting minutes.
  • The agenda can be mailed to those participants attending the meeting by clicking the "Send as Snap message" box and then selecting those participants below.  
  • Click "Save" and the agenda will be sent to those people.

On the day of the meeting

  • From the 'Today' Screen and '+More' button, select 'View Previous Meetings'
  • Select the appropriate date range to view and then select the meeting you wish to document. 
  • Click the "Edit" button to edit details.

  • Users can edit any fields, but minutes can be recorded in the Meeting Notes field.
  • The "Send as Snap Message" box can again be checked, 
  • Meetings can be sent to attendees, or additional (or all!) staff members can be selected to receive the final meeting minutes.

 Documentation of Meetings from the RTasks Staff Profile Screen

  • Click on the "People" button and "Staff"
  • Select a staff person to open their profile screen
  • The meetings attended by or shared with that staff person can be viewed
  • Click on "New Meeting" to document a new meeting as described above.

Reports such as 'Staff Meeting Report' will allow users to print copies of meeting minutes to provide to surveyors or others upon request.