RTasks Overview for Pharmacy

Welcome to RTasks!

As a pharmacist, you have been granted access to a customer's database via RTasks, our electronic health record. This is a brief tutorial on how you can navigate in RTasks and obtain the information you need.

Logging in and Out

 Staff at the facility have created a username and temporary password.  You'll use this to log in the first time using any browser (though we recommend against Internet Explorer). You will will be required to create your own unique password as you log into RTasks the first time.  If you forget this password at any time, contact the facility supervisor to reset.

Roles and Controls

The facility staff will assign a provider type to you that will determine what reports and access you have.  In addition, roles can be granted that do the same.  It is likely that you will do no data entry in RTasks. 

Residex Software's Limited Access feature may be used by the facility.  This allows the facility to grant you a limited view or scope in RTasks.  By controlling access to specific residents, you may have visibility to only the residents using your Pharmacy.

Facility staff do have the option of limiting your login to RTasks only from their facility through the use of IP address restriction.  Discuss this with the facility contact as needed.

Today Screen

Once you have successfully logged in, you may see 2 screens appear:

  • Time Clock.  If the facility is using Residex's Time Clock feature, this screen allows users to clock in.  Simply click "cancel" if this appears.
  • Login Report.  This report can be customized by facility staff, but provides need-to-know information such as scheduled resident appointments that day, vital signs out of range, etc....  You may see data here if any of the residents for whom you have been granted access are included in the notifications.  Scroll down and click on "Back" to arrive at the 'Today' screen.

The Today screen is where facility staff view services, chores, and tasks to perform for the day.  The following buttons located across the top of the screen pertain to your use of RTasks:

  • User Profile Button (your name will be listed here)
  • Today Screen - will return you to this Today screen view
  • Resident/People Button
  • Clinical Button
  • Fax/Print Button

As a consultant, you may see no tasks or services indicated in the Today screen, but may see a Care Plan Review or Bio/History Review for the residents to whom you have access.  You can click on these to review but it is not necessary.


Resident Button / Resident Profiles

The Resident Profile screen is the portal by which you can gather information about the resident.  

Click on the "Residents" button near the top of the screen. (This may also be entitled Client or Consumer, depending upon the verbiage in use at the facility).  This will allow you to see the Resident Profiles to which you have been given access.


Click on the record you'd like to view.

The Profile opens up in a read-only view for consultants.  Several options beneath the Profile allow you to access specific portions of the chart.

  • Contacts- will list the resident's personal contacts including both legal and personal relationships
  • Diagnoses-show the current client diagnoses with one set as primary
  • Documents- shows documents that have been scanned and attached to the client record (this can include signed advance directives, lab results, annual orders, etc....)
  • Incidents- will appear only if you have been granted a role allowing you to view incidents.  
  • MD Orders- allow the nurse to create comprehensive orders for the MD to sign at specified intervals.
  • Medications- will show all the resident medications, scheduled as well as PRN medications.
  • Notes- allow you to view and/or enter resident notes if you have been granted Role 5 by the facility.  Some facilities opt to create a specific note type to allow consultants to chart;  check with your facility contact.
  • Referral Appointments - will show all referrals for the resident, both historical and upcoming
  • Reports - show reports specific to the resident.  
  • Resources - list the resident's Providers (MD's, PA's, etc...), Organizations (pharmacies, hospitals, hospices, etc...) and Health Plans (Insurance).
  • Service Plan- lists all services and service details provided by the facility to the resident.
  • Vital Signs - allows users to view vital signs and enter new vital signs.


Clinical Button and Medication Charting History

 Clicking the 'Clinical' button at the top of the Today screen will provide options including 'Medication Charting History'.  Selecting this option will allow you to:

  • Select the time frame for which you'd like to view med administrations (1)
  • Select the resident (2)
  • Click on each med to view the date/time and by whom the medication was administered. (3)

Report Suggestions

The facility has the ability to determine your access to reports;  you may be granted wider access to reports upon request;  simply ask your facility contact if consultant providers can be added to RTask report permissions.  Some suggestions for reports that may be helpful:

  • Resident Profile- an inclusive summary of the resident and care
  • Medications Current - current list of meds for a selected resident
  • Medications History - shows both current meds and discontinued meds for a selected resident
  • Pharmacy Imported History - Resident  shows the history of Pharmacy imports for a given resident
  • Pharmacy Import History - all - shows a campus wide history of imports
  • Pharmacy Connect history - One Pharmacy shows just the imports from a selected pharmacy across all residents
  • Pharmacy Connect - Rejected Meds - shows those medications nurses have 'rejected' rather than import.  Includes the reason given for rejection.
  • Med - Pharmacy Import Unprocessed - those imports awaiting processing

More Assistance

Contact the supervisor at the facility if you have difficulty in logging in or need your password reset.  That supervisor can also control the residents you see and the reports to which you have access.

If you'd like to have a web-based demo of either RTasks in general or the Pharmacy Connect and pharmacy features specifically, please contact ResiDex support at 866.512.8369, Option 2, OR email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We'd be glad to assist you!