Pharmacy Connect

Residex Software's Pharmacy Connect essentially integrates your facility EMAR with the resident pharmacy.  This can ensure medication lists are synchronized with the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Connect offers the ability for nurses to manually enter medications (or edits to medications) from the med entry screen and then review and Merge the pharmacy's order with their own.  Alternatively, the nurse may wish to avoid the manual entry of that medication and simply import the medication  as presented by the pharmacy.

When Pharmacy staff enter medication orders and 'push' those out electronically to the facility nurse in RTasks,  the nurse can choose to accept the new order, merge with an existing order, or reject the import.  This article will review how the Pharmacy Connect import is managed in RTasks.

Beginning the Import Process

To import medications from RTasks using the Pharmacy Connect feature, log into RTasks and click on the 'People' button and 'Residents'.  The current facility residents can be viewed.

  • Those residents who have medications to import will be flagged, indicating the number of medications to be imported.
  • Click to view the Resident Profile screen;  the medications button is flagged, alerting staff to imports pending.
  • Click on the 'Medications' option and view the resident's current medications. The Pharmacy Connect option is flagged.
  • Click on the Pharmacy Connect button to begin the import process.  The screen will list all scheduled and/or PRN medications available for import.
  • If supplies have been entered (e.g. glucose test strips) these can be screened from the import process.

Click on the first med to be reviewed.  The screen below shows the details of the med to be imported and allows users to decide among the following options:

  • Update Existing (1)- review and selectively 'merge' information from the new import with an existing medication in the med list 
  • Add New (2)- add a new medication to the list of medications
  • Reject (3)- stop the import process and add a reason for the rejection


Update Existing Medication

Selecting the option 'Update Existing' will allow the user to compare the med to be imported with those currently in the resident list.  Simply choose the corresponding medication using the "What medication is being updated?' dropdown and that medication will appear alongside the import, allowing for easy comparison.

If the med instructions, indications and scheduled times boxes are identical for both the import and existing med, the user need only confirm the update.  

If any of the med instructions, the indications, schedule, or type (PRN vs scheduled) vary, the user will be prompted to select which option he/she prefers.  (Only those options that differ will be displayed for selection).

Click on 'confirm' to complete the import or 'back' to simply return to the previous screen.

Add a New Medication

If the medication to be imported is new (not visible in the 'what medication is being updated' dropdown), click the button "Add New" to begin the import process (1).  Note: this process is identical to the manual medication entry screen.

 To schedule the medication, review and select the following

  • The date and time (2) the medication should start
  • The date and time (3) the medication ends, if this is known.  These fields are left blank if the medication is ongoing. 
  • Whether the medication is scheduled every day or just on certain days of the week (4) 
  • Rtasks displays what the resident's current med pass times are (5)
  • Select whether you wish to use a specific time (8:00am, 6:00pm) or a simplified time (AM,mid day, PM, HS) (6)
  • Select the time (7) and the provider (8) to administer the first dose of that medication
  • If the medication is to be given multiple times in a given day, select 'add new time' (9) to add additional times and providers.

Continue adding adding Administration details:

  • The administration details including setup (10) indications (11) assist (12) administration note (13) and
  • The administration instructions (14)

Click on 'save' to complete or 'cancel' to return to the previous screen.

Reject Order

To reject a medication for import, simply click "Reject Order". 

The nurse will be asked to provide a reason for the rejection, and then confirm the rejection.  This action does not notify the pharmacy.