Reporting (Preview & Print)

Although the current trend is moving towards becoming totally "paperless", there are times where a printed report is needed.  This article provides information about printing reports from RTasks.

A configuration option to allow printing in duplex (double-sided) can be set per campus;  reports can also be made exportable to an Excel spreadsheet.  Contact the Residex support team to assist in setting these configurations.

RTasks Printing Requirements:

  • A printer must be installed on your device
  • Your device must have a PDF Viewer installed

Finding Reports:

Your screen size will determine what you see in RTasks.  

From a larger screen:

  • Click on the Fax/Print Tab in RTasks

  1. Select the option "Reports"
  2. Either enter the name or key word in the Search field, OR
  3. Select a "Category"
  4. Select the Report from the option list
  5. Select Create report (Depending on the report, you may be prompted to select a resident prior to creating the report).  The report can also be faxed directly to a provider or resource by clicking the Send Fax button and entering data there.

From a device such as an iPhone:

  1. Click on the "Option Menu"
  2. Click on Reports

Printing the Report: 

From a larger screen:

Use basic browser printing options.  The example shown is in Google Chrome.

  1. Click on the Menu button on the far right
  2. Select "Print" from the menu list that appears
  3. OR you may see a pop up option list - click the printer icon and follow the prompts on screen to print

Printing from a smaller screen such as an iPhone:

  1. Click on the option icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on the printer icon and follow the steps to select the printer and print the report

Once the report previews:

  1. Click on the menu option
  2. Select print from menu and follow the steps on screen to select your printer and send to the printer