Prospect Management

RTasks allows users to enter prospective residents and either convert them to an active resident or make inactive (if the individual is deemed inappropriate or is not interested in moving to the facility).

Enter a Prospect:

  • From RTasks - Click the People option
  • Select Prospects
  • Click the + New Prospect option

  • Enter the required information and any optional information desired

  • The required information includes:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Status
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Housing type
  • When finished - press Save

Update Prospect Information:

  • From the Prospect option - click on any Prospect name
  • Select the option Update Profile 


  • This will allow you to edit the information entered during the Prospect entry process (except for the status) 

Update a Prospect Status:

  1. Click the Change Status
  2. Select the Status from the option list
  3. When finished press Save

Admit a Prospect:

  • Select a Prospect
  • Click the Admit option

  • Additional options will appear
  • Fill in the details and press Admit
  • The prospect information will be converted/moved to the resident option under the People tab