Resident Hold / Active

Residents who are hospitalized or leaving the facility overnight (or longer) may have their status changed from 'active' to 'hold'.  Doing so will prevent most services for a resident from appearing on service schedules and allows users to keep an accurate resident census.  A resident should not be placed on hold until they have actually left the building for this same reason- it puts their services / cares on hold (so they are not visible from the Today screen in RTasks).  The resident should be made "active" again on return to the facility so medications and services can once again populate.

When a Resident’s Care Status is set to hold, it affects certain reports and features such as:

  • Daily Assignments
  • Census reports
  • Client Status reports
  • E-Charting of medications and services

Users must have Roles 11 (Manager) or 13 (Supervisor) to put a resident on hold or bring them back, ensuring the supervisor is aware that the resident is back under their care.  There is a campus configuration option that allows direct care staff to perform this function (typically seen in some group homes settings).  Contact ResiDex Support staff if you need this setting.

Putting a Resident on Hold from RTasks

In RTasks, select People > Residents options to view the Resident Profiles for your campus. 

  • Select the resident who you would like to place on hold.
  • Click on the button beneath the resident picture, Put On Hold

The following screen will provide prompts and allow entry of details

  1. Prompt the user to notify key resources and contacts
  2. Allow entry of date of status change, and 
  3. Allow entry of time of status change
  4. Indicate reason for the change of status.  Selecting the reason as "hospitalization" will allow the user to easily track hospitalization rates from the Quality Assurance Dashboard Screen
  5. The list of reasons can be customized;  call ResiDex support for assistance.

The resident on hold will be flagged as on hold from the Resident's Profile button.  Services will be suspended until the Resident is made active again.

To make the resident active, simply go back to the Resident profile screen and click on the button Make Active.

This screen will allow the user to specify the date and time of return.  Selecting the time of return will determine what services will populate for staff to chart. 

  • Entering a return time of 2:00pm will not populate services scheduled for specific times earlier than 2:00pm. 
  • RTasks will automatically populate services scheduled for simplified times (going back to the start of that same shift).  

A previous date can be selected;  if so, the services and medications for those dates will NOT populate, but the Care Status History will reflect the earlier date and time of return.