Charting PRN Medications

When  documenting medications in RTasks, users have the ability to document both scheduled and unscheduled medications.  There are several configuration options in Desktop ResiDex that will provide opportunities to not only record the medication that was given, but also the resident response to that medication.

PRN Medication Configuration Options:

The following options may be configured (Contact Residex support to edit these options)

  • Followup after 'As Needed' med - Require response: Determines if a service is created after an as needed medication is entered 
  • Followup after 'As Needed' med - what service:  identifies the service that will be used to document these followups to PRN meds
  • Follow-up after 'As Needed' med - How many minutes:  will set the default number of minutes for followups

Documenting PRN Medications:

  • Log into RTasks and click on + More and select Chart PRN medication


  • Assure the date is correct (1)
  • Assure the time is correct (2)
  • Select a Resident (3)
  • Select a PRN medication (4)
  • Add a note as to why the medication was given (5)


  • Users can optionally choose to send a snap message to other staff alerting them to the administration (e.g. a nurse) (6)
  • Users select the provider to whom the follow up PRN service will be assigned (7)
  • Click administered when complete (8)


  •  The provider to whom the followup has been assigned will see an additional service in their Today screen  (note that if the PRN medication is charted past times it will not create a followup service)    


  • Once the follow up service is selected, users will see the medication administration details
  • Users may select the service history to view charted values and notes for this service  


  • They then may edit the time taken to complete the service (1)
  • Document the resident response to the medication (2)
  • May send a snap message to other staff (3)
  • Click complete (4)
  • Selecting the 'Back' button will return the user to the previous page.



  • To see the history of the medications that were administered, click the "Medication History" option on the as needed med entry screen
  • You will be able to select a date range and see the dates and times the medication was last given
  • If "show all meds" is checked you will be able to see all PRN medications given in that period