Referrals & Appointments

Tracking resident appointments and creating an effective system of managing referrals is an important part of resident care.  Referral Appointments can be managed in RTasks and allows users to:

  • enter all upcoming appointments (even months ahead) and be able to view and manage these, create calendars and appointment reports
  • set up notifications which will show upcoming appointments
  • create referral forms that include all details about the appointment 
  • notify staff via RTask login reports of appointments that day, AND
  • assign specific staff to assist the resident in preparing for the appointment (this appears as a service in their "to do" list that day).
  • print the referral and/or vital signs to be sent with the resident and mark the service "complete"
  • add notes  to completed appointments--  summary of the appointment and  action items for coordination of care
  • mark as reviewed the referral appointment, conveying that the referral was completely addressed.
  • document and track not only face-to-face appointments, but also any time you have contacted the provider on the resident's behalf

The Referrals forms can be customized (both the Referral Types and formatted text). 

RTasks: Create a Referral Appointment from the Clinical button

Referrals can be created and viewed either from the 'Clinical' / 'Referral Appointments' menu OR from the Resident's own Profile screen.  The process is virtually the same.

  • Log into RTasks and click on 'Clinical', then 'Referral Appointment' 

  • Select Create New Referral Appointment

  1. Select the Resident
  2. Enter the referral date
  3. Enter the appointment time (optional)
  4. Select Referral type
  5. Select the provider (optionally)
  6. Select the clinic the resident will be seen (optional)
  7. Enter who/how the resident will be transported and if needed, the "departure" time (optional)
  8. Enter the reason or any notes about the referral
  9. Select the provider who needs to be reminded about this appointment
  10. Select the appointment reminder time 
  11. Click Submit to create the referral or cancel to close without saving

  • After you click 'Submit', the upcoming referral appointment is listed as "Open" (meaning the appointment is scheduled but has not yet been kept).

RTasks:  Entering a Referral Appointment from the Resident Profile screen

  • Click on 'People' and/or 'Residents', then select the Resident for whom you'd like to manage referral appointments
  • Click on 'Referral Appointments'
  • Follow the directions as above for entering and viewing upcoming appointments for that individual

Viewing Referrals, Printing, and Changing Status to "Closed"

Referral Appointments can be printed and the 'open' status changed to 'needs review' in one of two ways:

  • by the direct care staff who received the appointment reminder in their Today screen OR 
  • by the user going to the "View Created Referrals" screen or the Resident Profile screen and printing the referral and marking complete.

In RTasks, click on Clinical and select Referral Appointments, then select View created referrals

  1. Select the date of the earliest referral you would like to view (1)
  2. Select the date furthest in the future you would like to view  (2)
  3. Optionally search for a resident name  (3)
  4. When you see the referral, click on the line item  (4)
  • A list of referrals will appear. Click on one of the line items to view the report

  • When the referral opens, you may edit any of the items by clicking the 'edit' button, then click Print Referral at the bottom of the screen and 'Complete' to mark the referral appointment as closed.  The status of that Referral will now be listed as 'Needs Review'.
  • If the Complete button is clicked and you wish to undo this (returning the referral 'Open' status), a 'Redo' button appears at the bottom of any referral marked as needing review.

Edit an RTasks Referral before printing:

If changes need to be made to referral information prior to printing and marking the referral appointment complete, simply click "Edit"and make needed changes (in the example given, the departure time was changed).  

  • To save the changes, press confirm
  • To exit without saving any changes press cancel

Final Review of the Referral Appointment

Once the referral appointment has been created, edited (if needed), printed and marked as closed, the final step allows the user to add followup note/s and mark as "Reviewed".  First, click on the appointment marked as "Needs Review"

Add a note in the Notes field.  Notes may be a summary of the visit, may include action steps,or any additional details needed.  If all action steps are completed, the nurse can simply click on the "Mark Reviewed" button to indicate the referral is complete.  If the nurse wishes to add a note and yet keep the status as "needs review" (to indicate that not all action steps have been completed), simply add the note and use the back button to return to the appointment list.

Using Referral Appointments to Document Any Health Care Provider Interaction

The Referral Appointment  functionality allows the user to document instances in which nurses have contacted the health care provider on the resident's behalf.  It may be to share vital signs, request orders, or share concerns.  This keeps all health care provider contacts in one area and allows you to create complete reports such as Referral History.  To document this way,

  • we suggest using a Referral Type such as 'Provider Contact' or 'Provider Fax'
  • enter a date, but no time is necessary
  • Enter the information you'd like to share
  • Do not create a Staff Reminder.  Save.
  • Print and fax to the MD (or fax directly if you have the RTasks Faxing feature).  
  • Once the MD responds, you can create  the followup note as described above.