Report Management

RTasks offers a large number of reports, covering all aspects of care and service.  Users with the Supervisor Role (Role 13) have the ability to determine which reports are enabled for their staff, and which provider types should have access to those reports. 

Supervisors also have the ability to create folders of favorite reports, which makes locating reports simple!

RTasks Reports:

Users may navigate in RTasks to the RTasks Fax/Print button > Reports > Category All and view the dropdown list to view all reports currently enabled for the campus and for that person's provider type.  

Enable a Report:

After navigating from Fax/Print > Reports, supervisors (with Role 13) will see a link ' Manage report availability and permissions'.  Clicking on this link will take them to a similar screen

  • Use the search field to locate a specific report,  search by key word, OR select a category to view available reports
  • Select the report you wish to enable from the Reports field
  • The Manage Reports screen will open.

From this screen:

  1. Users can enable the report. 
  2. Select the provider types who should have access to this report
  3. Save a report in a folder by selecting the appropriate tag
  4. Create a new 'tag' or folder by clicking Add New Tag
  5. Save, and click Back to return to the Reports screen.  That report is enabled and available for staff to view.
  6. Tagged report folders are seen at the top of the report category dropdown.

Users can edit permissions to a given report in the same way.