Resident Diagnoses

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit diagnoses for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new diagnosis
  • Remove a diagnosis
  • Change the "primary" diagnosis

Access the RTasks Resident Diagnoses

  • Log into RTasks and select the Residents option (your option may be renamed Residents, clients or the term in use at your campus)

  1. Select which resident "list" you would like to view (Current residents, All residents, or Former residents)
  2. Select the Community you would like to view (optional)
  3. Search for a resident (optional)
  4. Click on a resident to view/edit information

Edit Diagnoses:

  • Click on one of the resident pictures to open the Resident Profile

  • Select the Diagnoses option

  1. Add a new diagnosis by clicking this option
  2. Edit a diagnosis (change to primary or remove/delete) by clicking on any diagnosis to open up details of the diagnosis

Add a New Diagnoses:

  • Click the Add New Diagnosis  (button 1 in the screen shot above)
  • Begin typing and an option list of diagnoses to select will appear

  • Click on any of the options to select it
  • When finished (optionally) add a diagnosis date and note and press Save

Edit or Delete a Diagnosis

  • Click any diagnosis
  • Use the options to save (if you add/edit a note or date), cancel without saving, make primary or delete/remove the diagnosis