Resident and Staff Photos

Resident photos can assist in orienting existing staff to new residents or new staff to existing residents. RTasks makes uploading, rotating, and cropping photos easy.  Users with Role 1 will have the ability to upload pictures.


Add Resident Photo in RTasks:

  • Log into RTasks and click on the Resident photo or place holder for the photo. This can be done from the Resident Profile page or any service for that resident.  Staff Photos are managed from the Staff Profile screen.

  • On the screen that appears - click "Change Photo"

  • Click on the Upload photo button or drag a photo into the box

  • On a computer simply navigate to where the picture is saved
  • On an iPad or similar device with a camera - optionally click the "take photo" option

  • Once the picture is taken/selected,  move the "box" to size and center the image and/or crop as needed;  
  • Use the ' Rotate Image' button to turn a photo that may be turned upon import

  • The new/updated picture will be automatically displayed