Resident and Staff Photos

Having photos of your residents in RTasks is recommended as a best practice - resident photos can assist in orienting existing staff to new residents or new staff to existing residents, and help them ensure they are the right providing cares to the right people.

Add Resident/Staff Photo in RTasks:

  • Open a Resident Profile or Staff Profile screen 
  • From the profile, click "Change Photo"
  • Drag and drop a photo into the window from your computer desktop, or click the 'Upload' button to browse for the photo in your files / device's photo library.
  • On a mobile device (iPad, tablet, smartphone), you have the option to take a new picture to upload.
  • Once the photo is uploaded, it can be cropped or centered as needed by manipulating the the "box" on top of the picture
  • The uploaded photo can also be rotated if need be. 
  • When finished with edits to the photo, press Save

The photo is now updated throughout RTasks!