Resident Supplemental Packages

A Supplemental Package is a service or set of services that can be setup and billed to selected residents, typically at a daily or monthly rate.  Supplemental packages can be applied whether the resident is on the billing option Care Package or Fee-for-Service.  Examples might include:

  • Cable or telephone fees
  • Escort package fees
  • Med management fees
  • Garage rental

A resident can have one or more supplemental packages. These are selected for each resident by navigating to the Resident Profile > Billing option in RTasks.

Supplemental Packages per Resident:

  • Select a resident and click Billing
  • Click Add Package in the Supplemental Package section
  • Select the New Supplemental Package from the option list
  • Enter the effective date and press Save

Remove a Supplemental Package:

To end a supplemental package for a resident

  • Open the Resident Billing option
  • Click on a supplemental package
  • Click - Remove 
  • Press Confirm

Supplemental Packages "Included in Contract" (optional):

NOTE: If a resident has payers with contract amounts,  select “Included in Contract” as applicable. If a supplemental package is "included in contract" it will not be invoiced as a separate line item.  If it is NOT marked included, it will be invoiced privately to the resident.