Resident Service Plans

The resident Service Plan can be found by navigating to the Resident Profile in RTasks.  Users with role "2 -  Service Plans" can:

  • View services
  • Add a new service
  • Discontinue a service
  • Edit a current service or services

Add Service Plan Information

  • Click to open the Resident Profile
  • Select the Service Plan option

  1. Current Services displays a list of current services, listed alphabetically by name
  2. Schedule shows those services grouped together by time
  3. History shows all services, active and discontinued, for that resident
  4. Add a New Service button allows users to add and schedule an ongoing new service

Note: One time services can be added as an unscheduled service- scheduled and assigned ahead as needed. 

Add a New Service

  • Click the Add New Service 

  1. Select the service (available options are generated in the Global Services list)
  2. The default number of minutes will populate
  3. To add a single service, click on 'service'; 
  4. To add a preset group of services or services set (as set up in desktop Residex) click "Set".
  5. Select the date the service or services should start on
  6. Optionally, you can select an end date, or leave it empty for ongoing services
  7. Select specific or simplified times
  8. Enter the time the service needs to take place
  9. Select the provider
  10. Click  "Add New Time" to add an additional scheduled time and associated provider
  11. Select the day(s) the service is to be performed
  12. Edit/Add details or instructions to inform caregivers of the expected details of the service
  13. If a resident is on a care package for billing - toggle the "include in package" option as needed
  14. Press Save to save the new service or Back to return to the Resident Profile without saving the service

Note: In the "Service will be provided" option if you select Weekly (Specific Days) you will have the option to select which days

Edit Service Plan Information:

Services can be edited individually or can be reassigned/rescheduled as a group.  To edit an individual service:

  • Open the Resident Service Plan screen
  • Click on one of the services

  1. Click Edit to update the minutes or task details of the service
  2. Select Reschedule to end the current schedule and restart on a different day, time and/or provider
  3. Select End Service to end the service on a specific date/time

Restart a Discontinued Service

Services once scheduled for a resident but now discontinued can be reactivated. From the Service Plan screen, select History to view discontinued services.

From the list of discontinued services, select the one that you wish to restart.  This opens additional details and a Restart button.  Click on the Restart button.

This will bring you back to the Service Entry fields (shown above in service entry), allowing you to reschedule, reassign, and make this service active once more.

Reschedule/Reassign a Group of Services

From the Resident Profile screen, click on Service Plan, and then on Schedule.  

Services are now grouped together by time.  To rechedule services that share a common time, click on the Reschedule button to the right of that service or group of services.

  1. View the  services which you are rescheduling/reassigning
  2. View the current schedule and provider
  3. Indicate whether you are selecting a specific or a simplified time
  4. Enter the new time and
  5. Enter the new Provider
  6. Save to complete the action

All services will be reassigned to the new time and provider.

Service Map Report

The report "Service Map" (Reports>Resident Service Plans>Service Map) allows users to see how up to 3 different services are scheduled across a given campus.  This can assist in scheduling, for instance, baths or laundry services throughout a given week.