Clinical Update/Review

There are occasions users may wish to update an Assessment for a Resident without recording an entire new assessment. This is possible through using the "Review Assessment Details" option.  

How to Update Details of an Assessment

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click on the menu option Clinical
  • Select the Assessment Option
  • Select the resident name and select Review assessment details

  • Add or edit details on the assessment as needed by clicking on the categories to open the assessment details
  • Unlike any time you record a new full assessment, you do not need to mark the assessment as 'Complete' when you have made your updates - simply make your updates and move on!

Add a follow-up note to an Assessment

You may add follow-up notes after-the-fact to any Assessment to include those notes in any Assessment reports run.

  • Go to the Clinical >Assessments menu, 
  • Select a resident
  • View the "Assessment History" for the resident
  • Press the Add Note button next to the desired Assessment, enter and save your note.

Deleting an Assessment

You may delete an assessment you yourself entered previously. You may not delete an Assessment entered by any other user.  To do this:

  • Go to the Clinical >Assessments menu, 
  • Select a resident
  • View the "Assessment History" for the resident
  • Press the delete icon next to the Assessment you want to delete, and confirm the deletion.


When an Assessment is completed, the user entering the Assessment is prompted to specify the date the next assessment is due - this next due date is flexible and can be updated later at a nurse's discretion. 

However, to ensure the integrity of Assessment data, some elements of an Assessment can NOT be updated.

  • An Assessment can NOT be back-dated while it is being entered.

An Assessment's completion date can only be the date the user finishes entering an assessment by pressing the "Mark assessment as completed" button, and cannot be set to any previous date.

  • An Assessment's completion date can NOT be back-dated after it is completed.