Assessment History

The Assessment History button allows users to view all the instances of assessments completed for a resident, add a note, print and/or delete an instance of an assessment.

Assessment History

Navigate from Clinical > Assessments > and select the Resident.  You'll notice a blue Assessment History (1) button available beneath the name of the resident.  Click this to open up the Assessment History.

  1. Use the Assessment History button to open and close the detailed view
  2. The next assessment due date can be edited by clicking the blue pencil
  3. The last 6 months of assessments is shown by default, but new dates can be selected
  4. The search field would allow users to look by key word, or perhaps the name of a staff person
  5. The date and time the assessment was completed is displayed
  6. The name of the staff person marking the assessment complete
  7. The type of assessment that was performed
  8. If the assessment was a Clinical Update, the reason it was completed
  9. Add followup notes (see below)
  10. Print the assessment from this screen
  11. Delete or remove this instance of an assessment that you have performed. (Users can not delete others' assessments).

Add a follow-up note to an Assessment

You may add follow-up notes after-the-fact to any Assessment to include those notes in any Assessment reports run.  Examples of followup notes might include reasons for a late assessment or extenuating circumstances surrounding an assessment.