Scheduled Chores

Users may wish to assign regularly scheduled chores such as cleaning, maintenance activities, emergency drills, quality management activities, etc. to providers at their campus.  The best way to do this is to use "Chores."  Chores are scheduled to a specific provider and will display in RTasks on the Today Screen and Daily Assignments on the specified day(s) for documentation by staff.

Enter Scheduled Chores

Navigate in RTasks to the Today Screen > +More > Campus > Scheduled Chores.  Click 'Add New Chore' and enter the information as demonstrated below.

NOTE: The Require note on recap check box will require staff to enter a note when documenting completion of this chore (e.g. if values are required, such as refrigerator temps)

Edit a Chore:

  • From the Scheduled Chore screen - click on a chore
  • Click: Edit
  • Edit the chore minutes or instructions
  • Press Save when finished

NOTE: This will make the change effective immediately.

Reschedule a Chore:

  • From the Schedule Chore screen - click on a chore
  • Click Reschedule
  • Enter the Last date of the current schedule
  • Enter the Schedule begin date
  • Edit the Time, Provider and/or Service will be provided (Days) as needed
  • Press Confirm

Discontinue a Chore:

If you have a Chore that you no longer want staff to perform:

  • From the Scheduled Chores Screen
  • Click on a chore
  • Click End Chore
  • Enter the end date and (optional) note
  • Click Confirm