Scheduled Activities

RTasks users may document participation at scheduled activities and record notes about each event. Before documenting activities in RTasks, you must do Activity Setup.

Users with Role 62 (Activities Setup) can perform this step.

Document Scheduled Activities:

  • Log into RTasks and select the Provider role on the Today Screen
  • Find an Activity service and click on it

  • A screen will appear to enter the number of minutes (1)
  • The location (optional)
  • Document who attended by selecting "All" (3a) OR individuals (3b)
  • Enter notes about the activity which will populate for all who attended (4a) or enter resident specific notes (4b)
  • When finished click "Save Changes" (3)

 There are reports in both desktop Residex and RTasks that can provide detail of a resident's participation in activities for a specified period of time.