Staff Supervision

Whether required by state licensure rules or conducted as a best practice, the ability to document supervision of unlicensed, direct-care staff performing delegated nursing services is an important practice.  Staff Supervision can now easily be documented in RTasks.

Configuration Change

To enable this feature, contact ResiDex Support staff at 866-512-8369 to turn on the configuration "Staff Supervision - Yes/No option".  This action does two things:

  1. Converts existing Staff Supervisions (as done in Desktop ResiDex) from a tool using a Rating Scale of 1-5 to a simple Yes/No format.  Scores of 1or 2 will be converted to a "No" (did not meet expectations) and scores of 3-5 will be scored as a "Yes" (meets expectations).
  2. This also will make the Staff Supervision icon visible in the RTasks staff profile screen.

Viewing and Entering Staff Supervisions in RTasks

From the Staff Profile, click on the Staff Supervision icon.

Users will see the following:

  • The option of performing a new instance of staff supervision (1)
  • A banner with the date the next supervision is due (2)
  • A summary of scores compiled from previous staff supervisions (3)
  • A Staff Supervision History showing  previous staff supervisions with the name of supervising staff visible as well as comments. (4)
  • Clicking on any single staff supervision performed will open up the details of that supervision.

Documenting a new Staff Supervision

Clicking on the 'Document Supervision' button will open up entry fields for entering a new instance of staff supervision

  1. Enter the service or delegated task that was observed
  2. The current date is defaulted in, but can be edited to an earlier date
  3. The date set for the next staff supervision can be either selected using the "quick select" calendar or manually entered
  4. Any skill instruction can be documented
  5. Nurse comments can be of a general nature or address actions taken
  6. A check in the box indicates the staff person met expectations;
  7. Add a note to support your decision
  8. Leaving a box blank indicates that expectations were NOT met.  Again, add a note to support the determination
  9. Click 'Save' to complete the documentation, or 'Cancel' to cancel the action.


Tracking upcoming Staff Supervisions can be done:

  • In desktop ResiDex Notifications
  • In desktop ResiDex Status Tab 
  • By clicking on the "Staff Supervision" icon in any staff profile in RTasks and viewing the banner with next date due.