Resident Note Type Setup

Specifying note types allows users to organize or catalog resident notes and more easily find them.  Notes of a type can then be pulled together into a report (e.g. Care Conference notes or Therapy notes) entered for a resident over a specified period of time. 

Certain note types can be set as "Admin Only" and have limited visibility to non-admin users. 

RTasks' Structured Notes feature can be used to create an outline of required elements for staff to follow when entering notes of that type.  Examples of note types for which structured elements might be helpful include Care Conference notes, On-call notes, or perhaps a Therapy or Hospice note.  

Users who are Managers (Role 11) or Supervisors (Role 13) can create and edit Note Types and Structured Notes.

To edit or create a note type, navigate to the Today Screen > +More Button > Manage Note Types and select.

From this screen you will see:

  • be able to view any note types that have been made inactive by putting a check in the 'view inactive' box (1)
  • the active note types listed alphabetically by title (2)
  • any template or structured elements specified  (3)
  • whether that note is administrative (able to be entered and viewed only by those with Admin roles 11 and 13 or provider type RN  (4)
  • the name and time stamp of the user creating and/or editing the Note Type (5)
  • entry of a new Note type (6)


Adding a Note Type

To create a new Note Type, click Add Note Type button to open entry fields.

  • Enter the title of the new Note type
  • Indicate whether the note should be administrative by placing a check in the box. 
  • Note types restricted by "admin only" can only be seen or entered by: staff with the provider type RN or LPN or staff with the role(s) 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor. 
  • Enter the structured elements you wish to include in the note
  • Save and close

Reports that are helpful in displaying Resident notes can be found in RTasks reports, the 'Resident - Notes' category