Supervision of Treatment Services

Whether required by regulation or performed as a best practice, the nurse should periodically review and assess the efficacy of treatments prescribed for the resident.  Residex (Hosted) and RTasks offer a means by which users can document these treatment supervisions.

The initial set up of treatment supervision services is performed in Residex (Hosted).  Contact Residex Support for assistance in setting these up.

Adding Treatments and Supervision of Treatments

Once setup is complete, users can manually add supervision services to the resident's existing service plan and schedule them as appropriate.  (Supervision services appear at the bottom of the drop down list of available services under the Service Plan button).

If adding a new service that could be considered a treatment, users in RTasks will be prompted that this might be considered a treatment, then have the option to create the supervision service. 

From the RTasks Resident Profile screen, click on Service Plan and proceed to add a treatment service for the resident:

Near the bottom of the service entry screen, the user will see a message indicating that this service might be considered a treatment, and allow the user to put a check in the box if they wish to create a supervisory service for that treatment.  

Clicking the Save button will open up entry fields allowing the user to add and schedule the supervisory service for that treatment. 

Note:  even though the original treatment service may be a daily service or provided multiple times/day, the supervision of that treatment service can be assigned to the nurse or supervisor at a frequency appropriate for the type of treatment and the condition of the resident.

Because both the treatment service and the treatment supervision service are assigned and scheduled to providers, a system has been created allowing the documentation of both.  

The reports "Individual Treatment and Therapy Plan" and "Service Recap Summary- Month"  (available both in Residex (Hosted) and RTasks) meet the requirement in some states that treatments have been identified, are being supervised, and documented as to completion and effectiveness of those treatments.