Billing: Supplemental Package Setup

When setting up rates for billing or agreements, you may wish to add Supplemental Packages.  Supplemental Packages are services or groups of services, billed at a daily or monthly rate,  that are billed in addition to Fee-For-Service or Care Package charges.  

Setup/Edit Supplemental Packages:

  • From RTasks - Select Billing and Billing Configuration
  • Select the option Supplemental Packages
  • Click on New Supplemental Package or click on a current supplemental package
  • Enter/Edit the Package Name and enter/edit the rate and frequency (daily vs monthly)
  • If you are editing a new Supplemental Package, the change is effective immediately
  • Select either Pre-Bill or Post-Bill
  • Select Service Revenue if it is dealing with resident cares
  • Select Show in Agreement so it will display on the Resident Agreement/Service Plan