RTasks has a Time Clock component that offers a convenient way to track each employee's hours. When employees log into RTasks, they have the option of "clocking in",  then  "clocking out" at the end of their work day.  Administrative staff have the ability to edit the clock in/out times for their staff in RTasks.


Clock In:

  • The employee is presented with the option to  Clock in as he/she logs into RTasks
  • The employee can select the provider they are working as (optional)
  • If they select the provider, the employee must enter a note if they are either 7 minutes early or 7 minutes late for the scheduled shift  (This requirement is a configuration option, so can be turned on or off).
  • If the employee opts not to select the provider as they clock in, no note is required. 
  • Click the "Clock in" option to be clocked in



Clock Out:

  • Sign into RTasks and click on your name
  • From the option list, select Clock Out and you will immediately be clocked out
  • If an employee fails to clock out, RTasks will clock them out automatically at 24 hours.  So they can clock in again at their next scheduled shift.   Supervisors can edit the clock out time.

View Your Time Clock History

  • Log into RTasks - Click on the Today + More option

  •  Click on "View my clock in/out history"

  1. Select the start date
  2. Select the end date
  3. The detail will display at the bottom of the screen