Scheduling Activities

Using the ActiviDex module, you can create an activity for one or more schedule groups.  You may wish to have an activity schedule that is combined or individual calendars for each group of people such as independent, assisted living and memory care.

Creating/Editing the Activity Calendar - Specific Week

  1. Click on the Act. Setup tab
  2. Select a  "Schedule Group" from the option list
  3. Choose the Current Week or a Base Week and click on a day of the week
  4. Enter the activity information in the grid below the calendar

Schedule Calendar Fields

  • Date: Will display the date when clicking on the day of "week" (not base week)
  • Time: Enter the standard time (9:15 am, 10:00 am) or see the document Simplified Activity Times to select times such as "AM" or "PM"
  • Mins: This is the approximate duration in minutes of the activity (ex. 30, 60, 90, 120)
  • Sched. Type: Choose from the option list
  • Item: Free-type in this field or select an activity item from the list. (The item is what actually shows up on the printed calendar)
  • Location: Choose from the option list or type in a different location (not required)
  • Staff: Optionally select the staff member in charge of the activity
  • Group Size: Choose from the option list
  • Provider: Select a provider in charge of the activity.  This will display the activity on the provider's Today and RTask screen
  • Schedule Group: Displays the group it is scheduled on.  Change the option to move to a different calendar
  • Highlight: Checking this box will highlight a certain event on some printed calendars

Benefits of Creating a Base Week

You may find that creating a Base Week schedule will save you time.  Once you have that in place, you can copy the events to the current week and add in your special events. This will prevent entering the days/times every week.  It may be beneficial to use the base week to fill in the calendar and just edit the events when needed.